Randomness, Faith, or Fate – What is your thought pattern?

Randomness, Faith, or Fate – What is your thought pattern?

If you chart the intelligence, awareness, or ability levels in any field across people, you typically get a normal (Gaussian) distribution that looks like a hill. However, in the very same field of study, if you look at the wealth distribution, then you will typically get a Pareto chart of 80/20 or a hockey stick curve. One of the major causes of such a big difference between the input and the output is what we call as uncontrollable.

We are all surrounded by uncontrollability around us, whether we want to take note of it or not. Some people call this uncontrollability as luck, some people call it randomness, some people call it God’s work, and some people say there is nothing like any of these. But, why is it important what you call it, as long as you have a name for it. I realized that it actually matters what you call this aspect of ‘uncontrollability’ in life. Because how you deal with this entity depends on what you call it, and how you deal with the uncontrollable indirectly determines how you deal with yourself.

The three most common names for this uncontrollable are Randomness, Fate, and Faith.

Randomness – Everything can be controlled if we have the time and energy to do it. Since there are so many actions done by people and living beings at a micro and macro level, we don’t have the time to control all of these events, making randomness an uncontrollable at some level. This brings us to an understanding that some things outside our control will happen in life, and in fact, one should plan to control this so-called ‘uncontrollable’ to the maximum to reduce the effect of randomness. And, the only way we can control is to work as much as possible and keep trying as much as possible. So, if you believe in randomness, it becomes much easier to act and procrastinate less.

Fate – that your destiny is predecided and your actions cannot change it. Fate says your actions don’t matter, what has to happen will happen. If you believe in fate, it makes it difficult to act towards change.

Faith – Faith says your actions matter. The difference between fate and faith is: fate usually needs some faith, whereas faith need not result in the thinking of fate. Faith means that you believe that there is somebody supreme, that there is a larger power which can have an effect on us. It is about thinking of this larger power and asking him or her for kindness and support while you try your best to minimize the negative effects of randomness. If you have faith, it drives courage and action.

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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