Why Should Procrastinators Meditate?

Why Should Procrastinators Meditate?

Often, we carry the emotion of one independent situation into another and impact it in ways we ourselves don’t realize. For example, we have a bad day at the office and we come home and snap at our spouse, or we couldn’t sleep properly on the previous night and we become irritated in office the next day and snap at colleagues and sub-ordinates. We carry the emotion of one situation into another across thousands of situations in our day. This is not called for, the ideal way to behave would be to deal with the situations independently. Meditation helps you do that, to treat each independent situation with fresh emotional energy and treat the situation independently irrespective of the other things going in your life.

Meditation is about observing your inner working, your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions – how they are originating and how are you processing and assimilating them? The end result of this process is for you to understand yourself very well. Because it is very difficult to observe your own body and mind in the presence of outside stimuli and disturbances, it is important to seclude yourself and close your eyes and shut down the stimuli and disturbances. The starting point is always to observe your own breath and your emotions, thoughts, and feelings inside you.

As we start doing the above, we learn that there is a huge relation between our body and our emotional energy, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore, it then becomes important to train the body too, and yoga is one of the ways to train the body in tandem with meditation to become one complete unison of the body and mind.

Issues like procrastination or anxiety arise in an individual because of deeper problems in the subconscious and the way the individual is going about his or her life. Tools such as meditation and yoga can help in observing oneself intensely, attaining that clarity about oneself, and recognizing the repeated patterns that procrastinators fall prey to. We all operate differently within our body and mind, the key is to understand how we operate and embrace life with that understanding.

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  1. Which meditation do you suggest?

    1. Start with pranayama.

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