About The Book

Procrastination is an inner conflict that has its roots deep in self-esteem and in the sub-conscious mind. People have to consciously think about why they are doing what they are doing in order to uproot their subconscious decisions that lead to procrastination. While reading this book cannot undo your procrastination from tomorrow, the concepts from this book will shed light on the psychology and the misbeliefs behind procrastination, what disciplined people do differently and how issues such as self-esteem have a deep impact on our procrastination.

Often when we procrastinate, we have some work that we are running away from, a work that poses a fear in terms of our self-esteem, effort or self-efficacy. It is during this time that we go on a binge to understand procrastination in a hope that we would build some awareness and that awareness will return one as an enlightened individual on procrastination. This book intends to help that pursuit to procrastinate less by building the awareness of the subconscious and conscious processes within a procrastinator.

The Procrastinator’s Mind is a book that empathizes with the procrastinator and understands the behavior of procrastination within his or her reality without judging them. The book delves into deep analysis of subjects like self-esteem, fear, emotion, thought, assertiveness, identity, self-efficacy, and evolution and brings up the awareness of the subconscious habits procrastinators have that continues their problem of procrastination.


The book discusses three core psychological reasons and three core habitual reasons that lead to procrastination. Each of these reasons for procrastination is accompanied by solutions that require the reader to introspect and internalize them to overcome procrastination. Thereafter, the book discusses the various common myths around procrastination and the reasons and solutions for the same. Accompanied by research and a strong analysis of the psychology of procrastination, this book takes a non-prescriptive approach and appeals to all procrastinators. The various examples and situations explained in the book will definitely make you identify with your own procrastination and will trigger you to start the journey towards becoming disciplined.

Happy Reading!

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